Sunday 26th June 2011 – The fictional world of my Mistress

You should never let a fiction writer set up their own company. Ok so admittedly it’s a fiction writer who is a chartered accountant with a law degree, but a fiction writer none-the-less. There are some people who consider she’s slightly loopy naming her company after her dog in the first place, but I think that bit of the plan is simply inspired. It was what happened next. My Mistress decided the company needed some substance. Obviously as a start-up business it is, to use an expression ‘one man and a dog’ or in our case ‘one woman and her dogs’, ok so she’s included my Master as a director too, but that spoils the joke. I have been appointed as Business Development Manager. I’ve already told you I have to sort out the logo, but my duties will not stop there. Megan has been taken on as Personnel Manager. My Mistress thought she would be good at keeping the staff motivated. Shadow is receptionist, but is likely to be going on maternity leave quite soon if things go to plan.

Up to that point, you might still consider my Mistress has a shred of sanity, however you would be wrong. We are not the only employees. After us there are the completely make believe ones for who she has set up email accounts. We have an editorial assistant called Henzel Mastin, as to how he got his name well that’s a long story. Then yesterday she recruited a personal assistant for herself. He’s Swedish and in his mid twenties and yes, he’s male. And so was created Björn Sandvik, PA to the Managing Director. I think she is rather enjoying herself, in between doing the serious work. I’m wondering who we will be taking on today.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind