Saturday 25th June 2011 – Our new company

My Mistress was talking to my granddad about out new company. When she told him that it was named after me, he asked whether people might be confused and think we only did things to do with dogs, my Mistress came out with a great reply. “Does Penguin only publish books about Penguins?” There’s not a lot you can say to that! I am of course pushing for us to do something to do with dogs and I might even stretch it to other animals, but the way it is looking, beyond being responsible for coming up with a logo and maybe publishing my books, it doesn’t look as though I will have that much influence. My Master wants to know when he’s going to be worth enough to buy a Caribbean island, while my Mistress is working hard trying to develop the ideas. She is piloting some software today so I am keeping as far out of the way as possible. You know what it’s like when new software doesn’t work as you though it should!

The parts we need to insulate the summerhouse should arrive today. That, I have been told, I can help with. Oh dear. I hate having to hold things in place while my Mistress has a hammer in her hands. She can hit her own fingers and does regularly; I really don’t need my paw getting in the way. You can guarantee from now the weather will warm up and it would have been more than 10 degrees in the summer house even if we hadn’t insulated it. I do get the point that we will be able to carry on using it further into the winter if it has been insulated. I’m looking forward to the decorating stage. Getting paint everywhere is something I can do. If we’re lucky I can combine it with developing the company logo and walk in the paint and then produce a brightly coloured set of paw prints.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind