Thursday 23rd June 2011 – So much we don’t know

Before I get onto more mundane matters I should tell you my exciting news. Yesterday my Mistress bought a new web address. She says it isn’t actually for me, but if it isn’t I can’t really see what it would be for. She has bought . There is no point looking because as yet there is absolutely nothing to see, but how exciting is that? I feel as though I’ve gone up in the world. To be fair she has told me several times that I will still be using my current address, but she might at least let me have a new email address on that domain name.

Having lived in the countryside for quite a while we decided it was time we could tell the difference between the different crops that are growing. We’ve been arguing over it for weeks. When we looked them up it turns out we were wrong. Anyway, Shadow’s favourites are the fields of wheat. I don’t think I have a favourite, unless it the ones where poppies grow amongst the grass at the edges of the fields, they really look very striking with their red heads amongst the green background.

On the other paw, the ‘mouse’ that my Mistress tried to rescue the other day, was apparently a young rat. She did think it had rather big feet, but at it was incredibly cute. She is now glad she didn’t bring it home, as this may not have been an altogether popular step with the rest of the family. Given that she photographed it when she first saw it. Then told a man who was cutting his grass to be careful not to run over it with the mower and then later found it on the road with slightly injured paws so picked it up and put it carefully back on the grass, you’d think she had plenty of opportunity to know the difference. This is one of those circumstances in which ignorance is definitely bliss.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind