Wednesday 22nd June 2011 – Are they really marigolds?

Having published her book as an ebook, my Mistress is now getting requests on where people can buy the paper version. The only problem is that there isn’t one. Now we have the dilemma as to whether it is worth getting it printed and whether we would be able to sell enough copies to make it pay. My Mistress is getting some quotes to see what the options are, but the best place to sell it would be London and given we live so far away from London it is not going to be easy for her to spend time down there trying to find outlets that would like to sell it. There are a lot of things I am prepared to help her with, but travelling to a big city on my own is not one of them.

I know it said on the packet that they were marigold seeds but the way they are growing I am starting to have my doubts. The ones on the summerhouse veranda are looking ‘interesting’. I did ask if my Mistress was quite certain that she wasn’t accidentally growing cannabis. She showed me some pictures of what cannabis would look like and told me not to be so stupid, but I have to say I thought there was a similarity. She has agreed that they seem rather larger than she was expecting from marigolds, but at this stage she is happy to trust that the packet was correct. I’m not so sure and am watching them with interest. I haven’t resorted to nibbling on any of them yet, although one of the varieties of marigold is supposed to be edible so I would have a good excuse.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind