Tuesday 15th February 2011

I really ought to get back to educating some of you younger puppies in the important issues that face us as dogs. The work of the Pet Dogs Democratic Party is far from over.

I feel strong enough to talk about something that you will find utterly shocking. In your history studies, you will have come across some very bad humans that have at times had policies of compulsory euthanasia. You will have found this shocking as indeed it is, but what the books don’t mention is that humans have been allowed to undertake compulsory euthanasia on our fellow dogs without any redress what so ever. I don’t want to talk about the emotive consideration of a dog reaching the end of his natural life, where he is in pain and suffering. That should be a whole different thing, with consideration for what the dog would want. What I am talking about is where, simply because no home can be found for the dog, they are put to sleep so that they don’t inconvenience humans. It’s barbaric. There are humans who are a great inconvenience but they are allowed to live, so why not us dogs?

Then of course, there are our kind who are regarded as dangerous. In this country if a human is dangerous and even goes as far as killing someone, he is locked up, imprisoned, has his rights taken away. Now with a dog, I’m not defending appalling behaviours when they occur, but in the same situation the dog would have his own life taken away. The death penalty is still in place for us. The reason this is so grossly unfair is that on most occasions the real fault lies with the owner for not spending enough time training the young animal. Or for giving the dog a rag doll to play with one minute and leaving it alone with a baby the next minute.

It’s all very well saying we are basically wild animals, but do I look wild to you? The Facebook picture of my Master dressed up as King Rat is more scary than I look. Now obviously, I would never do anything that would put myself at risk in that way. The point is that while humans are busy discussing whether prisoners should have a right to vote, no one is discussing whether dogs should have the right to life. We do need our very own Bill of Rights. At the moment we are second class citizens. I hear people in our country criticising the human rights records in other countries while overlooking these dreadful practices when it comes to dogs. These are double standards and it’s time for them to change!