Tuesday 25th January 2011

It occurs to me that many of you youngsters out there won’t know so much about the Pet Dogs’ Democratic Party and all that we stand for. I will over the next few days remind you of some of our key policies. I think I should start by reminding you of our key slogan “Dog enough not to be human, human enough to be a pet”. We do of course have other slogans but I will talk you through some of our policies and come back to those.

It may have come to your attention that as dogs we face a large amount of prejudice. We cannot freely go into many public buildings and we are even segregated when it comes to beaches and parks. This canine apartheid is unacceptable in days when around the world so much progress has been made in the name of equality. You need to be aware that this isn’t the case in every country. There are countries which welcome us. Countries which truly embrace the idea that mans best friend should be able to go anywhere with him. Of course there are also countries which eat us, but that is a problem that I think we will find even harder to tackle.

We face inequality, prejudice, injustice and racial abuse. Terms like ‘dog-face’ have come to be used as insults. Being in the ‘dog-house’ is seen as a bad thing.

At the moment we have no redress under the laws in almost any country and it’s time that all changed. Now is the time for us to have equal rights with our best friends. It is time for the Human Rights Act to become the Human and Canine Rights Act and for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to be extended to cover all species. Of course there are breeds like Jack Russells that are far too stupid to take advantage of rights afforded to them, but that doesn’t mean the right should be withheld, any more than it should from a poodle because it wastes all its time checking that its hair is in the right place. Now is the time for equality for all dogs, even the little rat like ones that hardly qualify as canine.

I’ll explain more of our detailed policies to you in the coming days. Do feel free to sign up and leave your comments in support of the campaign.