Monday 24th January 2011

Depending on how you look at it, I am either a very bright or a very stupid dog! I have learnt that teenage boys are particularly good at leaving food lying around in their bedrooms. I have also learnt that they are particularly bad at remembering to close their bedroom doors. You would think after the conversation with my Mistress after the ‘chocolate incident’ that the message might have gone home, but you would be wrong. I was left alone while they went out for lunch at the weekend. I would have liked to go for lunch and thinking about it made me fancy nibbling a little something. I was pleasantly surprised to find an open bag of dog biscuits that was quite accessible, a chocolate wafer bar, although admittedly the wrapper didn’t taste so good and the I finished off with the half a bag of steak and onion crisps that were open on the side. Then I remembered what happens when I eat onion, so I had a couple of indigestion tablets from the packet on the side that didn’t have it’s lid on properly. I did have a touch of wind, but the tablets seemed to do the trick nicely.

We have a new pocket-sized pack of walks around Yorkshire. I got quite excited when I read the packet. It said ‘Walks from 2 -10 miles’ however it’s a swizz. I demand a refund. Inside the shortest walk is 3.25miles and the longest is 7 miles. Now I’m not bothered about not finding the 10 mile walk, but it was the 2 mile one I was hoping to go on. I suspect that some clever person would say they were just rounding their numbers up or down as appropriate but I think in the circumstances that is taking rounding a bit far.