Friday 31st December 2010

I didn’t get round to telling you about why I needed to tell James he needed the letter ‘n’. On Christmas Day as a game, my Master and Mistress set up a series of clues for each of the boys to find to a particular letter. There were six letters to find and once they had all of them they then had to work together to spell out a word. Once they worked out the word they would find out that they were going on a surprise trip to Disney in Paris for a couple of days. I don’t really know why I helped as they didn’t actually take me with them, but that’s what being a dog is like. You never stop helping everyone even when the best you’ll get is an extra dog biscuit. The good news is that they will be home today and everything will be back to normal.

It’s funny to think that tomorrow it will be 2011. It’s been a busy year and exciting with Megan joining out little family. If all goes well we might have a whole litter of puppies join our family next year, at least until they can go to their new homes. Giving away half a dozen little fluffy bundles is going to be very hard to do and I know my Mistress will end up wanting to keep them all, but she also knows they will make lots of families happy and to be fair the three of us drive her nuts some of the time. I don’t think she would really want more of us. Maybe if I just asked nicely if I could have my own puppy she might let me keep one.