Sunday 28th November 2010

My Mistress is feeling very pleased with herself for not only diagnosing the problem with her computer but sending for a new hard drive and getting the machine back up and running so quickly. She is still installing all the software that she needs on it, but we are now within licking distance of finishing the process. The funny thing is that there are now functions that work on the machine that stopped working ages ago. All in all it looks like a success story. My Mistress is a little less optimistic and is doing daily backups as a precautionary measure.

The snow and cold are proving interesting. The waterfall has frozen up rather spectacularly. My Mistress had to rescue the pump and take it inside to thaw and my Master, having broken through the ice flow was seen sitting waiting with his harpoon in his hand. I think he may have a long wait. It made my Mistress think she has better turn the outside tap off, however she has no idea whether she has done it right as it is too frozen up for any water to come out anyway! The ground is really hard, which at least stops us getting muddy, but sadly it also means I get cold paws so don’t want to be outside too long. It does look pretty and Megan did look funny with the snow all over her nose.

My Mistress has almost finished preparing her second novel to send to a competition. She just has to print it out in the right format and get it posted off by Tuesday. The printing is planned for today, so hopefully all will be well. I just hope it doesn’t snow any more so that she can get to the Post Office.