Wednesday 28th July 2010

Now stop me if I’ve already told you this, but my Mistress has worked out roughly when Shadow is likely to have her first litter. Just supposing all her seasons are a regular length, which of course is unlikely, it would mean she would be ready to mate in October of next year. The bit that threw my Mistress into a slight panic is that it would mean that her puppies would be due on Christmas Day! Now of course that would be a very exciting Christmas, but what if we needed Joyce the vet to come to help? A friend of my Mistress has suggested that we should just invite Joyce and her family to spend Christmas with us to save having to call her out, but I that might be a bit of a surprise to her. Shadow said we needn’t think that’s how she’s planning to spend her Christmas either!

We have at last heard from the Kennel Club that they are considering our application to have our breed club recognised. It has only taken them eight months to even begin to think about it. Clearly these things can’t be rushed. Anyway, they are advertising it in their newspaper in September and October so now we have to wait some more time before they will actually reach a decision. I am quite happy to go before them and explain why it is so important for us to have official recognition and to show our breed off to anyone who hasn’t come across us before. When my Mistress was trying to sort out insurance for Megan when she arrives she found our breed wasn’t even listed on the Kennel Club insurance site. Interestingly, given they are the body that deals with pedigree dogs, we were listed on some of the other sites by competing companies!