Tuesday 27th July 2010

What is the first thing you associate with a Monday? Well traditionally it would be washing, however it would also seem to be bonfire! Sadly it was the former that my Mistress was doing, wanting to make the most of the good weather and it was the latter that was occurring nearby. Fortunately there were only a few things on the line at the time, but it now smells as though my Master tried having a bar b q in his swimming trunks! I should perhaps say he had a bar b q while wearing them, not actually in them, that would give the wrong impression.

It was also a good day for getting the grass cut and the garden looking tidy, but being the summer holidays my Mistress wondered just how early it was acceptable to start making a lot of noise. She settled on 10.30 mainly because it took that long for the grass to be dry enough to cut and because even teenagers seem to lift an eye-lid by that sort of time, even if they then put it back down and roll over, as is the case in this house when there is nothing more pressing to do. Mind you, the same can be said for my Master. In that respect he is little different to a teenager and when allowed to he can happily stay in bed until lunchtime. My Mistress on the other paw is one of these people who gets up at much the same time whatever day it is, although she spent much of Sunday in bed with a headache so I guess she makes up for it at other times.

The learning of German is progressing. My Mistress now knows how to say that very important phrase ‘I don’t understand’. I always think that is the first thing they should teach you in any language, along with ‘please speak more slowly’. These sorts of phrases are of far more use than ‘Can I have the bill please?’