Thursday 22nd July 2010

My Mistress was trying to put health insurance in place ready for Megan arriving. The internet site that she was trying to get the quote from didn’t list our breed. It was a little worrying seeing as they already insure Shadow. In the end my Mistress had to ring them and their IT department need to make some changes to the website so it is a good job she started doing in before Megan actually arrived. My Mistress is getting very excited about Megan coming. She is going to the pet shop tomorrow to buy some of the extra things we need for her. While she is there, I said I could do with a new toy or two as Shadow seems to have destroyed most of the ones I’d got.

You wouldn’t believe how much sorbet my Mistress has made in the last few days. We now have a whole freezer drawer full of sorbet. I presume she will stop making it at some point and start doing something else. I vote for eating the sorbet as the next activity, but even I can see there is a limit to the amount you want to eat at one sitting. I’m hoping for another marmalade making session next, although this time I would like it not to set quite as thickly as last time. At least with marmalade it doesn’t need to be kept in the freezer. The plan is to go blackcurrant and strawberry picking in the next few days, but I’m not sure if I’m allowed to go. I think I might be seen as too big a risk for eating the fruit, but then the boys wouldn’t be very far behind me. She is also putting together a map of where all the blackberry brambles are so that she can go out picking them in a month or so. I might at least be able to go on that trip, if only to carry the bag of blackberries.