Monday 15th February 2010

In an interesting day yesterday, it turned out that my Master had accidentally bought my Mistress a Christmas card rather than a Valentine’s Card, which he decided not to give her in the end and Shadow took a banana off the table and took it to bed. No one is daring to ask what she planned to do with it, but I’m hoping that peel and eat was the objective. Although knowing Shadow she was probably more likely to leave the skin somewhere for me to slip on just for the fun of it.

Today is a potentially exciting day. If all goes according to plan, British Telecom will be arriving at our new house to install the phone line and we will have a very nice new phone number. I’m not actually going to tell you what it is in case you all start ringing it and find that they gave us a different one. Anyway the one they have suggested is very easy to remember, so the chances are that something is going to go wrong and we won’t get that one. The wardrobes are also being fitted this week, but my Mistress has no reason to expect that will be anything other than straightforward and efficient. Although those sentiments may just be a question of optimism still standing in the way of experience. The old rule of ‘anything that can go wrong, will’ is still the adage that I work to. But as my Mistress is already having nightmares over the things that can go wrong for the new house, I think it’s better that I keep my thoughts to myself.

I could almost imagine from the lovely sunshine that spring is somewhere on the way. That hopefully means if my Mistress plants some grass seed it might actually begin to grow.