Sunday 14th February 2010

Well a very happy Valentine’s Day to you all, especially Megan in Switzerland. I look at your photo every day on my Mistress’s computer and although you are still rather young, you do look very lovely. I did wonder about sending you a card, but I didn’t remember to buy it in time for posting and in any case it would have made Shadow jealous.

I’m quite excited as my grandparents are coming to stay for a few days and they do rather spoil me. Grandpa wants to see the new house while it’s still at the building stage. We’re issuing health warnings to anyone brave enough to take a look. The colour of the dining room is alarming. My Mistress is convinced that it will look better once they have some furniture in it and pictures on the walls and carpets and curtains. My Master is already pleading with my Mistress to redecorate it before it stays that way for years. She has personally volunteered to do the redecoration if they really can’t live with it. My Master doesn’t like the dark grey woodwork but thinks the shocking green walls are all right. My Mistress thinks the whole idea was a step too far. She will retreat into the purple kitchen. There are times that seeing in black and white can be a positive advantage to a dog. Fortunately our room is blue, which strikes me as fairly innocuous.

The other day, my Mistress went right round the house replacing all the light bulbs that have blown. She couldn’t believe how many there were, but felt quite pleased with herself when the job was complete. She thought that she wouldn’t have to do it again before they leave this house. She was wrong. Three more have gone already and she is not pleased!