Monday 4th January 2010

Every so often you see something and have to ask yourself the question “Why?” You might think I’m referring to the man in the stripy knitted hat that was out shopping at the weekend, but I think in his case, he simply didn’t have any better taste and his wife has clearly got a lover and doesn’t care what her husband looks like. No, what I’m actually referring to is the announcement that Blackpool is building a pavilion for weddings, from which you will be able to see the Blackpool Tower. Do they really think it is going to compete with the Caribbean? In the Caribbean you can marry on the beach, guarantee nice weather and have the backdrop of white sand and turquoise sea. In Blackpool you can marry indoors, sheltering from the rain, with a backdrop of a mucky beach and grey sea. I may live to eat my words. It may prove popular with those unable or unwilling to travel long distances. It may prove popular with those with a good imagination, but whatever they say or do it will still be Blackpool. I suppose they could go for a trip on the rollercoaster after the ceremony, although I suspect that the dress might provide a bit of a health and safety risk!

As I’ve been typing this, I have noticed an additional toolbar that has appeared on my computer. I don’t remember asking for it and I certainly don’t know what it does. Isn’t it annoying when that happens. There are suddenly these buttons that you’re longing to press to see what happens and you just know that if you do, you will find yourself disappearing down a black hole in the computer world. In these situations it is always safer to ask my Mistress what it is and whether she could get rid of it before I accidentally press anything.