Wednesday 23rd December 2009

As Christmas approaches there are all the last minute niggles to iron out, like explaining to a small child that if they see Santa before Christmas he isn’t likely to be giving them a Playstation game just then. He only gives things like that out on Christmas Day! They should be grateful for the chocolates they receive before that.

Meanwhile the wintery weather continues. We’ve been enjoying playing outside. Shadow, quite amazingly has managed to dig through the snow and ice in order to dig a new big hole in the grass. I don’t know how she does it. The ground is frozen. Come to that I don’t know why she does it. To me it seems an unnecessary length to go to. I prefer to run up and down barking at the boys on the sleds using the hill at the side of our house. What they haven’t appreciated is that I’m actually asking whether I could have a go, but as yet none of them have taken me up on it. I did wonder about offering to pull some of the smaller ones along, but it looked too much like hard work.

In the meantime, my Mistress is trying to sort out all her claims for the costs of her aborted trip to Switzerland. It’s looking as though it could take quite a long time to get her money back. She rang the helpline and was on hold for half an hour before giving up and deciding to email them. She hasn’t ever received an acknowledgement for her email yet.

At least the weather has improved enough for our Tesco’s delivery to get through. It should be arriving this morning and I am looking forward to seeing whether there are any extra Christmas goodies for us dogs. Shadow sneaked into the room with the presents yesterday and managed to find our straight away. She claims she read the labels but I think she did it by smell. “Ok,” I said. “If you’re really that clever, which one is mine and which is yours?” But she just shrugged and said she hadn’t decided which one she wanted yet. Women!