Friday 18th September 2009

I had some very sad news on Wednesday that I haven’t had chance to share with you yet. Firstly, I heard that my great great grandmother Erla had died in Switzerland. I was still hoping to get to meet her sometime, but I guess 16 ¼ was a good age. I’m just hoping that I can live that long. Then I heard that the terrier from down the road had died, which made me just as sad as I used to bark like mad at her. I’m not sure what it was, but she had that certain something that made her completely irresistible to bark at.

There was some good news in all that. Flöry in Switzerland is definitely pregnant and is expecting her litter of puppies in three weeks time. Now we just have to hope that there is a girl amongst the puppies, so that she can come to live with us.

I am getting particularly worried about the possibility of a postal strike. You might think that I would be concerned about my Mistress sending out her work or about receiving bills in time to pay them, but what I’m really bothered about is the prospect of being a biscuit short each day if Brian the postman isn’t calling to see us. My Mistress says she will consider increasing our biscuit ration to make up for the shortfall, but quite honestly it could never be the same as being given one by Brian each day.

Shadow has had her bandages changed. Apparently she is doing very well and it won’t be too much longer until she will be back to normal. My Mistress is particularly looking forward to it as at the moment the injury situation from being hit by the collar every time Shadow runs into her is getting a bit ridiculous. You could play join the dots on my Mistress’s bruises.