Wednesday 27th May 2009

My Mistress is seriously considering joining a gym. She has got past the ‘it seems like a good idea’ stage and has done the ‘let’s have a try’ stage. She is now that the irreversible ‘parting with the money’ stage. This is definitely the point she should look back and consider her previous, unsustained, exercise programmes. I argued that it was enough just to walk us, but she seems to think she should be breaking into a sweat and exercising more vigorously. On that basis she can forget doing it with me, I’m more of a ‘let’s potter’ sort of a dog. Shadow seems willing to break into a sweat, so perhaps she should oblige. The funny bit is that after her trial, my Mistress is currently at that ‘aching all over’ stage due to the muscles that haven’t been used for a long while, probably since the last spurt of gym activity, which is probably at least six years ago!

Two days of glorious sunshine simply weren’t enough. I was enjoying doing a bit of basking and it had the added benefit of drying the ground out, making it much harder for Shadow to dig. Why don’t they cover useful things in dog training like how to stop your dog barking and how to stop them digging up the garden. I wonder if she’d bury a bone if she was given one.

The road closures are continuing. You almost have to guess which one is going to be closed for repair next. I suppose we should count ourselves lucky that they didn’t decide to do all three routes into the village at once. If they did we’d just have to have stayed at home and twiddles our paws.