Tuesday 3rd March 2009

I’ve added a picture of my new friend, Shadow, for you all to look at. She’s still only three weeks old and it feels like ages until she can come to live with us. What is amazing is that we both have one slightly longer white sock on our front left paw. It’s exactly the same. Perhaps we should make it a condition of coming to live here. I wonder if we could find rabbits with similar markings, although it may get a bit confusing. I knew it was going to happen, getting one rabbit for Andy has already become getting two rabbits so that the one doesn’t get lonely. My Mistress seems to be claiming the second rabbit on the basis she will be doing most of the work of looking after them. She says she wants to call it Aristotle, but there are bids for more suitable female names and more suitable rabbit names. She says if I am Einstein, then the rabbit should be something grand as well. It isn’t as though I am so pretentious to use Einstein with my friends. Maybe the rabbit could sit out in her hutch expounding philosophical ideas for us all to consider. My Mistress is still considering the other suggested names, such as Jessica Rabbit, but is refusing to countenance the suggestion of ‘Pie’ and ‘Stew’.

Seeing as I am quite good at finding the food in the toy that my Mistress bought me recently, she has taken the one I was given a while ago out of the cupboard to see if I’m any better at it. I can’t cope with one I have to do with my mouth. I know it should be easy, but moving the pieces with my paws seems to come naturally to me, lifting them out doesn’t. I wonder if Shadow or Aristotle will be any better at it.