Monday 2nd March 2009

My Mistress has been reading up about rabbits and apart from telling us all that three rabbits can eat as much as one sheep, she found a bit that said that if you have them in the house you shouldn’t have their hutch near the washing machine, because they might not like the noise. ‘See’ I said, ‘when I used to complain about you putting the washing machine in my bedroom in Belgium, I wasn’t being unreasonable.’ Of course, being right in this instance hasn’t done me any good, but she has at least said that Shadow won’t have to share with the washing machine while she’s being house trained.

This week is a very big week in the dog calendar in this country. It’s Crufts. Sadly I will not be attending this year, partly because my breed don’t yet get included because we are only on the import register and not fully recognised, but mainly because I can’t behave myself around other dogs. In fairness they usually start it and Crufts probably have a better class of dog that wouldn’t start an argument with me, but my Mistress said she wasn’t going to take the risk. I could have gone to something called Discover Dogs so that people could get to know about my breed, but in some ways given there are no more puppies available at the moment, it is pointless making everyone want one, because we are clearly so wonderful. Unless I turn over a new leaf, Shadow will get to go next year without me. That’s almost a good enough incentive to behave, but you know how it is when the fun gremlins get you. Once we get to be fully recognised by the Kennel Club we’ll be able to be shown, but the rate it’s going by the time that happens, I’ll be leaving it to the younger generation to take over.