Saturday 10th January 2009

Interest rates are so low that the mattress is looking an ever more promising option. To be quite honest, I don’t think my bed would be awfully comfortable if I stuffed it with bones, but you have to consider the options. It makes you wonder what the long term outcome of all of this is going to be. What will the world look like ‘post credit crunch’? Will this break the cycle of greed and willingness to throw things away, just because they’re broken? Will fashions change to embrace darned socks, home knitted sweaters and badly made clothing converted from old sheets? Will recycling take on a whole new meaning with people making things they need out of their rubbish? It also makes you wonder who will be best prepared practically and psychologically to deal with it. I doubt that many of today’s youngsters ever thought they might have to make their own entertainment again rather than run up an electricity bill or having a new mobile phone. Fortunately, most dogs I know have only taken to this frivolous society in a half hearted manner. We are still as happy to play with out broken old toys as we are with the new ones and lets face it, anyone who can get hours of enjoyment gnawing on a bare bone has already learnt the meaning of frugality. It may in some circumstances work to our advantage with people having to resort to walking more often, rather than paying for gym membership or taking the car and better still, why invest in an extra blanket when you could simply allow the dog to sleep on the bed with you? Perhaps this could be a good way to recycle the dogs who are turned out onto the streets. They could be recycled and sent to the homes where people have cold feet in bed.