Monday 1st December 2008

It’s Christmas this month. Now that it’s December it’s time to start writing my list for Father Christmas. I suppose it’s a matter of opinion as to whether I’ve been good this year or not. There’s been the odd contretemps with other dogs, but hopefully he’ll overlook those. I think I’d like some more of the toys that people put treats in for me to find. They are great fun. I might like some agility equipment too. I wonder how many things it’s acceptable to ask Santa for.

My campaign to become prime minister has taken an interesting turn. I have supporters for the position of prime minister of England and the prime minister of Belgium. Do you think it would be possible to be elected to both positions independently and then to declare some sort of alliance between the two countries? A new super power could be formed. One to rival the USA and anyone else who might regard themselves as a twenty-first century superpower. The Anglo-Belgian alliance could be a leading force in Europe. We could guide European policy to some more favourable outcomes. There could be special trade agreements to allow for sales of Belgian chocolates and beers at favourable prices in England. There could be special agreements for the sale of . . . well England must have something that Belgium would want, I’m just not sure what. Of course, we’d still have the problem if different currencies. Perhaps Belgium would like to adopt the English pound. They could adopt our football team and we could adopt their cyclists and tennis players. A whole world of possibilities could be open to us. England would definitely need to adopt the Belgian attitude to dogs. We should be allowed into all public places, restaurants and parks, without exclusion.