Sunday 30th November 2008

Once again it’s the day of rest and I for one am planning to take that very seriously. I heard my Mistress mention something about a nice long walk but I’m sure she could be dissuaded of that ridiculous notion. Today is the sort of day to sit beside the fire and contemplate. No, I’ve changed my mind, it’s the sort of day to sit by the fie and switch off completely. I will not devote time to thinking about any of my PDDP policies today, even political leaders are allowed a day off. Sadly the rest of the world doesn’t entirely agree with that and world events seem to continue as normal. That may just be because as the last people reach Sunday, the first ones on the International Date Line are already busy rolling into Monday and their world events have resumed. Perhaps instead of Sunday being the day of rest there should be an agreed 24 hour period every seven days when everything stops. Of course being in the Greenwich meridian area, we naturally claim the right for that 24 hours to coincide with our Sunday, but I’m sure that other countries can work round us.

Oh dear, that was quite a lot of deep thought for a non-thinking day. I’m going to need to do a lot of relaxation now in order to get over the stress.

I heard from my sister yesterday, Esther, she is very well but has decided to wait until the spring to have her litter. She’d rather have them when the weather is better and they can spend more time outside whilst they are very young. Having been born in November, I can sympathise with such a sensible view. I wonder whether when you are born affects your attitude to life. Does the fact that I was born in the gloomiest month explain why I have such a sunny personality to compensate? Oh dear, there I go, thinking again.