Wednesday 19th November 2008

I went to Birmingham yesterday. Obviously, I didn’t go on my own, I was accompanied by my Owners. They were meeting up with someone they knew at university, so that was a very long time ago. It was a lot of time in the car, for a short amount of time to meet someone new for me, but it was worth it anyway. It’s always good to go to a city every so often in order to remind yourself just how much you prefer the countryside and how lucky you are to live in a nice little village. There is a lot less green in Birmingham, mind you there’s a lot less mud too, so it isn’t all bad.

My Mistress has been typing up the proposed constitution for the new Entlebucher club they are setting up. I quibbled over the membership section as it seems to relates to humans and not dogs. What is the point in setting up a dog club for humans? Am I missing something here? I have suggested that as we are a Swiss breed, then any club funds should be deposited in a numbered Swiss bank account with withdrawals requiring my paw print. My Mistress pointed out that I wasn’t generally very good with money, which frankly was a very hurtful thing to say. My pocket money often lasts as long as half way through the first day of the month. Admittedly, most of it is spent on dog biscuits, but they’re a worthwhile investment, at least as good as most of the High Street Banks in this country.

You probably didn’t know this but today is the day that table tennis was invented. It all happened a long time ago and it’s not a game I’ve mastered, but it’s worth bearing in mind. Who knows, it might come us as a question in a quiz. Not that, as a dog, I get invited to many quizzes.