Monday 6th October 2008

I didn’t settle very well while I was at my grandparents. I was worried that my Mistress had left me because of how naughty I’d been. On the first night I kept trying to look out of the window and got my grandparents up every two hours just to ask for a bit of reassurance that I hadn’t been abandoned. I wasn’t so bad on the second night, but oh when my Mistress came through the door on Sunday I have never felt so happy. I even forgave her for not taking me to the pet service and got over my disappointment that I wasn’t going to meet my cousin Jack. I’ve tried to tell her I will do anything as long as she promises never to leave me, although I’m not sure I’m really strong enough to carry that through in practice.

It’s dog training tonight. My Mistress has warned me that after my behaviour last week I may not be quite so welcome. I don’t want to be thrown out. I love going. If only I could behave at dog training the way I do at home then everything would be all right. My training regime for the week has extended to making me sit and lie down on command in the worst of conditions. I only like doing things like that outdoors when the ground is completely dry, but no, she’s even made me walk through puddles. This is all part of some ‘you will do what I tell you at all times’ training programmes. If even I am not allowed to exercise an element of independent decision making, then my chances of leading the Pet Dogs Democratic Party to a major victory seem pretty slim. To be honest it’s making me feel a bit down.