Wednesday 20th August 2008

She’s caught me again. I still haven’t told you the whole story. We did walk rather than do the journey on the boat. My Mistress packed up a rucksack for us with lots of goodies. We set off. Well to be precise, my Mistress set off. I was reluctant to move as I was torn between leaving the rest of my ‘herd’ on the boat and not being able to keep an eye on them. Then when I finally agreed to move, I started on the old ‘are we nearly there yet?’ routine. I walked the first 3 miles with only a handful of complaints, which wasn’t bad going as there was no footpath and the traffic was all a bit scary as it went past us. We had a nice break at the half way point and then set off for the second half of the walk, when fortunately there as a footpath. We were doing ok, until I started the ‘I want a carry’ routine. Of course my Mistress was a bit reluctant to carry a 28kg dog as well as the rucksack. I’m sure she could have done it but she claimed I was too heavy. I just stopped. I sat my little but down on the pavement and refused to go any further. There was my Mistress tugging my lead and me saying ‘I can’t go any further’. In the end she had to get the waterproof out of the rucksack to sit at the side of the road with me, until I’d recovered enough to want to go to our destination. Ironically if my Mistress had read the map correctly, she could have told me that our destination was only a few hundred metres down the road. I could probably have done that without the rest.