Sunday 10th August 2008

We are now a week into our trip and I am just about finding my sea legs. I realise on a river, or a Broad or whatever it is that this is not exactly the sea but when you’ve only been on a boat once before in your life and have never so much as paddled, this is as close to the sea as I am planning to get for a while. There are things about this type of holiday that I could quite take to, however the water is not one of them. What I like best is that I can legitimately stay by my Mistress’s side on a constant basis. Where she goes, I go. In my eyes I am keeping an eye on her to make sure she is ok. In her eyes, she is keeping an eye on me for much the same reason. We are happy to sit and read a book while the boys learn to sail a dingy. We are happy to read a book while the boys do all sorts of things to be honest. If I could just get over the fact that I am surrounded by water, I could quite take to a life on the ocean waves.

It doesn’t even matter to me that the cooking facilities are not up to much. I have learnt to keep out of my poor Mistress’s way as she tries to juggle the preparation of about as many different meals as there are people on the boat, but she says that is a small price to pay for being able to have me with her on holiday. And do you know what? I think she meant it.