Saturday 9th August 2008

We have a dinghy with the boat. It’s small, near the water and I for one have no intention of setting paw in it. It has a sail, at the request of my Master and oars, at the request of my Mistress. I liked my Mistress’s way of thinking when she said that there was no way she was going in anything that had the risk of capsizing. My Master said there was almost no risk. If only he hadn’t used the word ‘almost’ in that sentence it would have been all right. As it is I am not going anywhere near it. Secretly my Mistress is rather pleased as it gives her an excuse to say ‘I can’t leave Alfie on his own.’ Quite right too with this amount of water about, Alfie doesn’t want to be left on his own!

We are in the middle of nowhere and in the next few days we need to know exactly which bit of nowhere we are in, as some friends are meeting up with us. If the battery hadn’t died and in fact the whole thing stopped working, we could use my GPS to get an exact location. Mind you for that we’d need an internet connection as well so I suppose we are stumped on that front. Perhaps if we could just get it working again we could tell our friends to go onto the internet and they could track our location according to where I am positioned. It sounds quite exciting until you realise that my privacy has been completely invaded by having to wear this thing round my neck.