Friday 1st August 2008

All I can say is that I hope it is a very big boat that we’re going on. How on earth my Mistress thinks she is going to get al this lot in the car I really don’t know. I’m starting to suspect that she may be a closet Boy Scout, she has taken ‘be prepared’ further than even Baden Powell could have intended. In her defence she pointed out that it was partly because of the unpredictable nature of the English weather that she needed to take umbrellas, waterproofs and ground sheets as well as fly spray and sun cream. However, then there are the games, the torches, the rucksacks, the books, the food. Oh the food. There are boxes and boxes of food. “Don’t they have shops round there?” I asked, but apparently it’s more that they may not have the right shops than the fact that they won’t have any shops.

I suddenly had a horrible thought. “This isn’t going to be like our disastrous holiday in the Ardennes is it?” I asked looking a little less enthusiastic. “This isn’t another indoor camping experience is it?” I was none too heartened when she said that it could well be like that but with added constant movement and moat surrounding everywhere we go. At least this time I shall know not to have an argument with a Jack Russell. At least I shall know in theory. There’s this thing with Jack Russells, I only have to see one and I get a burning urge to jump all over it and not, I might add, affectionately!

It’s encouraging to note that I haven’t got to sit in the boot with the luggage, although in reality it might be more comfortable than having two boys fighting across me in the car.