Wednesday 9th April 2008

Humans and dogs are really quite different. Faced with a training field full of dogs, I couldn’t wait to make their acquaintance and although I was against the whole training ideal on principle, I thought the chance to meet other dogs was just marvellous. To be fair I did have my Mistress there for back up and security, so my analogy may be a little unreasonable, but all my Mistress had to do today was go to the butchers. You would think that was straightforward but it isn’t a conventional butchers. There is no sign and if you didn’t know it was there you wouldn’t find it. She had to go into a yard and then from there she needed to find the right door. To say my Mistress was out of her comfort zone would be a small understatement. When she did find the right place, she failed at the first question. When you buy meat in a supermarket, you buy it based on size. You know how much looks about enough to feed 3 people and a hungry dog, with a bit left over for your lunch the following day and to keep the hungry dog away from your lunch. But how much does that weigh? She thought about all the possible causes of getting it wrong; was the sheep big boned? Was the sheep a little on the fat side from eating one too many veggie burgers? Then had to confess she really had no idea how much she wanted. Then they asked if she wanted leg or shoulder. Once again she just looked at them pitifully. Fortunately they were experienced in dealing with complete bozos and she came home clutching a piece of meat that I would have been more than happy to hold for her. At least she now knows what times it is open and where to go. I was disappointed that my request for a good marrowbone was not met, but she reminded me that I was ill last time so maybe she has a point.