Tuesday 8th April 2008

There are days when nothing happens and then there are Mondays! I suppose I should start by telling you about dog training. I don’t think my Mistress would say that it was a resounding success. Not to put too fine a point on it I got a bit over excited. That and the fact that they tried to make me sit and lie down on wet grass. I did so not want to get my coat wet, but no, they insisted on it. What kind of malicious dog hating people are they? Couldn’t they see I’d got my coat all nice and clean? I did bark at bit and try to get to play with the other dogs, even though I wasn’t allowed. My Mistress was a little embarrassed by my antics to day the least, but at least the instruction was in English so she had a fighting chance of understanding. I got quite a lot of attention, which was nice but what I really wanted to do was have a good run round and acquaint myself with the other dogs. Maybe next week they’ll let me do that.

It had been a bit of a day really. My Mistress had to go to school to take something James had forgotten, which meant in total she had to cross the bridge with the trolls 6 times in one day. The trolls dress up as men and collect money from you to cross the bridge; it’s all rather quaint really. On top of all that my poor Mistress has to go to the dentist and have an abscess lanced as the antibiotics hadn’t worked, so she was feeling a bit sorry for herself even before I misbehaved. I need to find a way to make it up to her, but I think I rather blew that with all the barking!