Sunday 6th April 2008

At least as a dog the fact that today is the start of a new tax year is an utter irrelevance. My Mistress says it’s fairly meaningless when you’re a writer too!

We had a good walk in the sunshine, rain, wind and hail yesterday and even went to feed the ducks. All was well until Hector and Hugo walked past and I really wanted to go to play with them. I whined, which is quite unlike me. I carried on whining until well after they had gone and got into awful trouble for it. Why can’t my Mistress understand that I would like to see my friends sometimes?

My paternal grandfather had a funny day the other day. He and my grandmother were moving house and had packed everything ready for the removals men. He was wearing his slippers and had left his shoes ready to put on when they were ready to drive off to their new home. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you look at it, the removals men were very efficient and loaded everything and went on their way. The ‘everything’ that they had packed included my grandfather’s shoes. He had to do the drive in his slippers and as they were staying elsewhere until the following day, he had to wear his slippers until the right box was found the following morning. It made me glad that I don’t wear shoes. That was one less thing to go wrong when I moved house.

I’m on a count down to Bella’s arrival. It is now just two weeks away and I am very excited. I’m excited about seeing the Great Swiss, Yasmine, too. She’s the one that flirted with me and I rather took a shine to. I hope she still likes me when she sees me this time.