Tuesday 15th January 2008

Much as I can’t wait to see my mistress and master later today, it will be sad to leave my friends here. I will only get to stay with them in future if my mistress brings me to visit. Saying goodbye isn’t easy, we dogs have feelings too. So often people forget to give us the chance to say our goodbyes, they just move us on without a thought to how we feel about leaving friends and places we love behind. I have been trying to remember if there is anything buried in the garden at home that I need to dig up for packing. There are some acorns, but I might leave those. I know I need to get one of my balls from behind the hedge and my frisby is somewhere outside too. I wonder if I would be allowed to take back the root I like chewing. I suppose there might be import restrictions. If there aren’t I could do with my master getting the spade out and doing some digging to help me, it would be a shame not to take back as much as possible. I simply cannot believe that there are now less than two weeks until I pack my bones up for the last time and carry my little bed out to the car. Do you think it would be acceptable for me to cry when I go, or at least have a good howl? I strongly suspect my mistress will have one too.

It has come to my attention that the English use the term ‘dog’ to be uncomplimentary. If you say someone is ‘a bit of a dog’, whilst you might assume that is the highest compliment you could pay, that is not what humans mean. I am saddened and disappointed by such racist behaviour.