Friday 7th December 2007

Cardboard boxes are appearing all over the place. My mistress seems to be intent on hiding everything away in boxes. She says it is all about preparing for the move but it’s enough to worry me. I have moved all my toys our of her way in case she starts to pack those. She also seems to have taken to throwing away things that are broken. Once again, I don’t want her near my toys. She may see them as broken, I just see them as slightly different toys than they started as. Why wouldn’t you just buy a leg of a rabbit to shake between your teeth? Why would you expect to buy the whole rabbit? Why do balls come with air in them, when all I want to do is get my teeth into it? I am starting to think that ‘pet toy’ manufacturers are looking at this too much from a human perspective. They are designing toys for animals that are aesthetically pleasing to humans. Well hello! Who exactly are the toys for? Oh it may be the humans that hand the money over at the checkout but that is only because the counter has been built too high for me to reach. Again, they are not thinking about the pets. How would a hamster get right up there to pay if he hadn’t taken his owner with him? It’s hard enough for the goldfish to get its money out of its wallet without getting the notes wet. Humans just aren’t approaching these issues with your average pet in mind. I’m starting to thing that the Pet Dog’s Democratic Party may have to expand into looking at issues for other pet species. Maybe when Lucky the Rabbit moves in he will be able to help me with some of the organisation.