Saturday 1st December 2007

Our rosettes

I am living with fugitives. It all happened the other night. My owners had been out without me, something to do with not being able to take dogs again. I might have enjoyed a night at the school production of ‘Oliver’, they did come home saying how very good it was. They also came back telling me they had had a small ‘incident’ with the police. They claim they were innocent but it is all a bit confusing. They road they wanted to go on had ‘blue flashing lights’ right across their carriageway. In England in that situation you would assume that the road was closed and you would look for an alternative route. They ‘say’ it looked as though there had been an accident or a breakdown. When they turned round they suddenly found a police car chasing them and stopping them. Sadly the language barrier kicked in and the police man had to try to speak to them in English. “What are you doing?” he asked. “We assumed the road was closed. We were trying to find another way,” they said. It turned out it was police checkpoint looking for burglars. My owners turning round made the police think they had something to hide. It took a bit of convincing that they were just stupid English people, before they were allowed through. Just ask me. I can vouch for the fact that they are stupid English people! They were laughing about it when they came in. It’s all right for them I thought, they aren’t the ones worrying about who is going to put their food down, when there has been a knock at the door and they have been carted away. Do you think they could take me to prison with them? So that I wouldn’t miss them desperately whilst they were gone.