Friday 30th November 2007

Me and Shadow on the stand

Now I know why potato starch can be used as glue. We had a small incident with a blender and some glue last night. When I say ‘we’ it wasn’t actually me this time. My mistress had this ‘bright’ idea. She wanted to mash some potato but couldn’t be bothered for the time it would take with a fork. The real problem started with buying a different type of potato that do not spontaneously disintegrate on cooking. For some reason my mistress thought this would be better for the times she didn’t want mashed potato. Anyway, the long and the short of it was that she put the potato in the blender and created the most wonderful sticky sludge imaginable. The problems were firstly, getting the mash out of the blender to eat and secondly, cleaning the blender. The potato didn’t want to let go. It took longer to clean than it would to have mashed them all by hand. I just hope she learns the lesson, as she really wasn’t very happy.

I’m looking forward to an exciting weekend of having my master and mistress at my beck and call. I have decided that this weekend we will do the things I want to do. There will be a long walk, then a few games in the garden, maybe one or two games of tug in the house and then a happy sleep in front of a nice log fire. I have got my master to buy into the sleep in front of the fire so far. I may need to do some further work on them both if I am to get all my requests. I’ve been wondering if I could find a way to ‘persuade’ my mistress to take up my case. It used to work to threaten to shake my Miffy toy, but sadly it is so far past shaking that I think I need another idea.