Saturday 16th June 2007

Once again, the jury is out on which of my master or mistress is the most strange. On the one paw, you have my mistress who somehow, whilst eating spaghetti last night, managed to get some of it to go up her nose. She then spent the rest of the meal sneezing, I presume to ‘clear the obstruction’. I may bolt my food down once in a while, well twice a day actually, but I have never got spaghetti to go up my nose. That may be because I’ve never eaten spaghetti, but I prefer to think that it is because I am not that stupid. On the other paw, you might like to vote for my master who made the oddest noises in his sleep last night that he claimed were the result of a nightmare. They certainly scared both my mistress and me and left us wide awake for some time while he continued sleeping. To be fair I have been known to make odd noises in my sleep so I perhaps have to conclude that on this occasion it is in fact my mistress that is odd.

My master looked at me the other day and said I was looking older. There is no need to be so personal; he doesn’t look much of a spring chicken himself. I have been forced to spend the rest of the week trying to behave like a bouncy puppy, just to prove I still can. I now feel thoroughly worn out. I am going to need to have a bit of a rest, for a couple of days, to rebuild my energy. I have noticed I don’t feel the need to jump on people quite so much and I am quite happy to sleep, in fact there is nothing I like more than a morning in bed as long as it is my master and mistress’s bed with at least one of them to cuddle up to.