Friday 4th May 2007

There is nothing like being in control and in the case of my master on Wednesday, that was nothing like being in control! He had to go to Switzerland. The first bone of contention was that he wasn’t taking me but that soon became an irrelevance. He couldn’t find a hotel anywhere near where he needed to be because of a cycle race. Cycle races really are a very European thing, but that is a completely different story. He ended up having to get a very expensive hotel room to avoid spending all the time he should be working, travelling from place to place, instead of working. He set off for the airport in Brussels to fly to Geneva. Then he rang to say he was at the airport but his passport might just still be at home. So he missed his plane and drove home to get his passport. However, there weren’t any more planes that night so he ended up having to get a hotel near Brussels airport and flying out very early in the morning on Thursday. All the hassle over finding a hotel in Switzerland was completely wasted and it was too late to cancel the one he had got. My mistress has sat him down and told him he needs some early nights and to relax a little bit, which is not normally something he objects too. I am hoping it is going to mean lots of lovely walks this weekend and plenty of time to snuggle up in bed. Half the time I am surprised he actually knows which country he is in. I suppose realising they are speaking a different language is a bit of a giveaway, but then when you live in a country that speaks Flemish in the first place, everyone speaks a different language.