Sunday 17th December 2006

They have now put some presents under the tree and I am sure they can’t want me to pee on those, so I am assuming this is all part of this Christmas thing. They have also now put lights up outside. It seems a bit pointless when we are on the inside so can’t see them.

I have been reading through a few Christmas carols and am a little put out that the Shepherds always seem to get a mention but not the sheepdogs. Where would the shepherds have been without their dogs? Who do you think was left minding the flocks so they could go and take a look at what the star was all about? I think the PDDP might need to campaign for the rewording of some Christmas carols to make them less discriminatory. Christmas should be a time of inclusion. Firstly we would like While Shepherds Watched to read as follows:

While sheepdogs watched their flocks by night

All lying on the ground

The angel of the Lord came down

And glory shone around.

“Bark not,” said he for there they were

All woofs and other sounds

“Glad tidings of great joy I bring

To you and other hounds.”

The remaining verses are ok, so if that first one were changed I think we would be happy.

On a completely separate note I have been thinking about the term ‘sunset’. Does it mean that the sun is like an ice cream and during the day it melts from its own heat and it has to be put away at night to ‘set’ again before the next day?

Although the moles don’t seem to be around at the moment there are lots of bald patches on the grass where their holes were. I wonder if they will ever go green again.