Saturday 16th December 2006

Why have they brought a tree into the house? Do you think it is in response to the Pet Dogs Democratic Party’s demand for inside toilet facilities in bad weather? I had tentatively thought about trying it out to see what response I got but something is telling me that they wouldn’t be putting tinsel and lights on it for my benefit. Having my mistress play music in the house has been bad enough, but yesterday she proceeded to sing Christmas carols for the whole of my walk. It was such a beautiful day and such a shame to have it spoilt by off-key singing. There was one upside however, I have discovered that I can use my paw to push my Halti off my noise when I want a really good bark at another dog. I discovered it by accident. My nose was itching so I scratched it and pushed the nose band off. When my mistress put it back on I did it again to make sure it hadn’t been a fluke and sure enough I can take it off whenever I want.

Having watched some rally driving on television it has occurred to me that the bridleway at the back of the house would be a perfect dog sized rally course. I just need a car the right size. I would even settle for a remote control car, but would much rather have one I can sit in. I have heard of this person called Santa Claus or Father Christmas. I am not sure why he has two names, perhaps he has debt problems and changes his name to stop them catching up with him. Anyway, I have heard that if you have been good he brings you presents at Christmas. That may of course be how his debt problems started. Do you think he would bring me a doggy sized rally car? I would really like a Subaru.