Thursday 9th November 2006

Once again my little bag is packed for going away. Although it isn’t for very long I am really not happy to have to be away from home on my birthday. I know it was never the intention of my mistress for me to be apart from her on my birthday, and I realise it isn’t her fault that my first rabies jab didn’t work but all the same you would have thought she could have changed her plans to fit round me. What is the world coming to when a puppy can’t spend his first birthday cuddled up to the people he loves most? I was banking on being able to get away with getting into bed with them on my birthday, that’s that plan spoilt.

A very odd process occurred earlier. The gardeners, who I like very much, came and cleared away all the leaves but I don’t really understand what the point of it was. As fast as they cleared them away some more came down to replace them but then I guess it is no worse than the human tendency to wash clothes or take showers. When will you all wake up to the fact that you only go and get dirty again, on the whole it is a waste of time bothering.

What I fail to understand is that supposedly I have a better sense of smell than you do and yet I don’t mind smelling the way I do but you humans still complain. In fairness my master doesn’t seem quite so fussed about it as my mistress does, she says she has a better sense of smell but I think she is just much more fussy!

There is just enough time to go round and pee in all my favourite spots before I have to get in to the car so I had better go.