Wednesday 8th November 2006

I went for a walk in the dark. There seems to be a lot more of the dark at the moment, it is appearing at times I am really not expecting it. As you may imagine this particular walk involved my master, my mistress did come along too but in fairness her presence only made me nervous. Isn’t it funny how jumpy someone can be just because of the absence of a bit of light.  It was helpful that she came as she was the only one with a torch, although as it was just the one that is part of her mobile phone it was not all that effective. However, having a torch did at least stop us treading in anything unpleasant. Mind you, if we had trodden in something, it would have been the same thing unpleasant that I had tried eating in the light the day before. After that episode my mistress asked me if I could refrain from kissing her for a month and a half, but I have no idea why.

Where has all this dark come from? I know we changed the clocks the other week, though in actual fact the ones we seem to have changed them for look exactly the same as the ones we replaced, but I am guessing that in the process all the countries must have moved round a bit and we are now in a different time zone. I asked my mistress and she said it was the end of ‘daylight saving’ which has left me a bit confused, if we had been saving all that daylight why isn’t there any left? It turns out I am going to have to go on most of my walks a bit earlier in the day or wait for my master to take me. I wonder if my mistress would cope better if I stopped going up behind her and going ‘boo’ every few minutes?