Sunday 10th September 2006

Well my wanting to go to the seaside hasn’t totally fallen on deaf ears. Today we are going to a big display of sandcastles. Do you think I am going to be allowed to do some digging of my own or at the very least pee on them to let other dogs know I’ve visited?


My mistress has let me go on a couple of local journeys in the car without my seat belt on because I make such a fuss but as it is a longer trip she says I have to wear it. It isn’t so bad in my master’s car as I find it easier to get comfortable when I can have three seats to myself but in my mistress’s car I tend to fidget more and try different positions. When we drove back from the Ardennes I managed to completely tie myself in a knot with my seatbelt, my lead and the car seatbelt. I have been urging my mistress to buy me a slightly bigger car but I am not sure that she is listening. I do want her to keep her little car but only want to go in that when we can have the roof down and I can show off.

All in all I think the moles are having a laugh at our expense. There are three mole traps down and they are having no effect at all. The number of holes seems to be multiplying exponentially. I have suggested that I be allowed to take direct action but no one else seems to think that is a good idea.

I presumed that the purpose of shedding my coat was to reduce its thickness for the summer months. I don’t understand why I am losing so much of my coat before the winter. Everywhere I turn there is dog hair. I shake and there is dog hair, I scratch and there is lots of dog hair. I seem to be leaving a special Alfie made carpet all around the house. My mistress has even resorted to brushing me regularly so that I can lose it in a controlled manner but I prefer to hang on to it so that I can lose it at more inconvenient times. What was the point in my mistress being bought a cushion that says ‘no outfit is complete without added dog hair’ if I can’t be the one to add the dog hair?