Wednesday 30th August 2006

Yesterday was brilliant. We had a bar b q for my mistress’s birthday and as a treat for me she invited Elvis. Elvis the dog obviously not the original Elvis, the latter would have been more for my master than me. Quite an evening with 9 children, 7 adults and 2 dogs. To be honest the dogs were more like several extra children as we ran round getting in everyone’s way, but it was fun.

You’ve got to laugh really. I have managed to convince a four year old that the rug by the side of my mistress’s bed is a ‘magic carpet’ and that when I go to sleep on it we fly away to far flung places with me on it. I’ve told him about some of the exciting adventures we have and the treasures we bring back. I have then quietly gone downstairs leaving him trying to get to sleep on the rug. Peace at last and at such a small price. The only concern is that I have told him the bamboo in the garden is like the magic bean stalk in ‘Jack and the beanstalk’ and that I can climb up it and end up in a different place. I may need to tell him the truth when he wakes up, otherwise he might try climbing the bamboo and if it won’t take my weight then it really won’t take his. I found it wouldn’t take my weight when I tried to climb up to see if I could find the magic kingdom that my mistress had told me about. You know, sometimes I really think she should know better than trying to play with the mind of an impressionable young dog.