Wednesday 3rd May 2006

Well after another quiet day yesterday, today is the big day. The big day for me anyway, my mistress and master are still busy planning their big day and frankly I am trying to keep out of it. Today is the day that hedgehog will be released from prison at 3pm. I don’t know whether my letter will have got to him and if it has whether there is any hope that he will have forgiven my outburst but I have packed some sandwiches and Squirrel and I are going to go and wait at the gates from midday to make sure we are in plenty of time to welcome him out. I have been down to check on the pile of leaves I have prepared for him and everything is in order so hopefully by later today he will have moved in.

In the meantime I have been pondering why some of the grass has been turning pink. A couple of weeks ago it was definitely green. Apart from the bits I have peed on which aren’t at all green and the bits where I have dug up the moss which aren’t very green either. Now there is a pink carpet covering several areas of grass around trees. Some of the bits seem to come off in my paws too. They are all soft and velvety and if I blow on them they move. The same is true if I wag my tail really vigorously too. It’s funny watching the garden changing colour. One minute I thought I had everything sussed. I thought I had got the hang of what everything looked like and then it all started changing before my eyes. I probably like it better now, although I do wish the birds would keep the noise down a bit when I am trying to snooze. I have been chasing bees too. My mistress has told me I mustn’t try and eat them, she seems to think they are bad for me in some way, but the way they buzz makes them irresistible. I went out the other day and the grass was quite long and when I came back it was short and smelt different. I did wonder if it was actually different grass but it still had the same patches of moss, so if someone had swapped it they had gone to a lot of trouble. I also seem to have been losing a lot of hair recently. I was all ready to discuss with the vet whether I might be suffering from stress but my mistress told me not to be such a hypochondriac and I was just moulting because of the improved weather. Of course this led in to my needing to look up the meaning of both hypochondriac and moulting before going off in a huff that she should even suggest such a thing. Next time she says there is something wrong I shall just say the same to her.