Tuesday 2nd May 2006

Well after the excitement of the weekend I decided a quiet day was in order yesterday. It was the sort of day you decide to reorganise your bone cupboard if only I had one! I mooched around the house getting under my mistresses feet and generally making a nuisance of myself. Every so often I would go and get hold of the end of my rope or rubber rabbit and take it to her and try to persuade her to get hold of the other end and play with me, just as any normal puppy would. Of course as far as she is concerned I am a normal puppy. Little does she know what I get up to in my spare time. Anyway I got bored after a while and went and sat looking out of the window daydreaming. I might have looked as though I was watching the back gate and I even woofed at appropriate intervals as people went past, but in my head I had gone and caught a train. Not just any train, after watching Michael Palin the other night in his version of ‘Around the world in 80 days’ I was on the Orient Express speeding my way to Venice. There were people waiting on me paw and foot, providing for my every need. I didn’t need to rearrange the bone cupboard, there was someone to do it for me. They even played ‘tug’ with me when I presented my rope. What a blissful couple of hours I spent on my dream journey. Then I was being swept along in a gondola on the canals of Venice with squirrel. I was really annoyed when my mistress who had been feeling guilty for not playing with me disturbed my nap to bring me pink rhino to play fetch with. Has she really got absolutely no sensitivity for a daydreaming puppy?

I chose to go out in the afternoon to avoid a repeat of the morning’s interruptions, only to have my mistress decide to come with me. This is exactly the reason I need a den. I wonder what would happen if I went ahead and built one anyway without permission.

My mistress was telling me about a meeting she went to recently with lots of French and Italian people there. Her language skills aren’t that good but the point it dissolved into everyone shouting at each other she got really lost. It had taken the meeting 50 minutes to elect a chairman before they even started talking about what was on the agenda, in the end she just walked out in frustration. After 2 hours they were only on point 3 of a 20 point agenda and the most exciting thing that had happened was a bloke at the back telling the chairman of the meeting he was ‘stupide’. It makes me think that animals are so much saner than humans.