Thursday 30th March 2006

I understand why I am a Swiss ‘mountain’ dog, a term that doesn’t make a lot of sense when you are born and bred in Belgium. I think I may be a bit on the soft side to identify completely with my roots and although I still want to find a career that means I have a little more money than I have at present I can’t see myself either herding animals or pulling a cart. I think I would like to do something a little less manual and a little more indoors. Have I mentioned just how much it rains? What are my master and mistress thinking of coming here in March for? It seems to do nothing but rain. Having said that I looked at the statistics on the internet and it could be said to nothing but rain every month of the year. Despite the greyness and the wet I do quite like Switzerland but I miss squirrel and the forest animals and although my ancestors may come from here I’m looking forward to going home.

I have also had enough of being in the car. You would think that both my mistress and master would work out that those yellow things are zebra crossings, funny coloured zebras but zebras none the less. Then they would work out to stop in good time rather than being taken by surprise when someone starts to cross the road and shoot me off the seat in the car in their haste to stop. Then they wonder why I don’t want to get in! It really doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out if they drive badly I would rather not be a passenger. Just you wait until I can sit my driving test and they have to be passengers.

There was a free postcard of the hotel that my mistress helped me fill in and post to squirrel yesterday, I suppose it was the least she could do after throwing me about in the car. I wonder how long it will take to get there and whether squirrel will get it before I see her on Saturday? After I found that it is the ducks that start the delivery this end I regretted trying to chase them. I do hope they don’t decide to ‘lose’ it on route in revenge.

Bother she’s seen me and now it’s too late to hide. The mistress has just said we have to go and get in the car again to pick the master up from work and I was hoping for a leisurely day stretched out asleep in a non moving object! I am presuming the hotel floor is fairly stable although I have not checked that this area is not an earthquake zone so I suppose it is possible, having said that as risks go I might prefer earthquakes to the unpredictable but rather more frequent zebra crossing incidents.