Wednesday 29th March 2006

What an odd day it was yesterday. Not only did it rain all day but I had to eat my meals at the back of the car in the Hotel garage. Now I am not what you might call fussy about where I eat, but when you have to pick up the bits you drop off a concrete floor it tastes a bit dusty. It seems somewhat unfair when the master and mistress get to eat in a restaurant with me sitting drooling at their feet. We went for a drive round some fairly hairy roads but my mistress made an amazing discovery. If you drive round a mountain clockwise you stay close to the mountain and avoid the edge. Of course this only works if you drive on the right hand side of the road, for those who still drive on the left the principle needs to be reversed. There is still snow on the hillside. How does that work? The temperature is much warmer than freezing, why hasn’t it melted? I tried asking my mistress whether it freezes at a different temperature here but she said that was not the answer.

I have really enjoyed meeting lots of new people. I always like it when people say ‘Oh isn’t he lovely’. At least I am interpreting that as being the translation of what they are saying, there seems to a small language hurdle that we are failing to overcome. At least in Belgium a lot of people speak English, which for the most part gives my mistress a fighting chance of understanding, on her good days anyway! Bless her at the service stations we stopped at on the way here she got so confused as to what language to try and speak in which country that I don’t think she made a lot of sense to anyone anywhere. She even had difficulty being understood when she only wanted to order some fries and some coffee and I thought they were fairly universal. One thing I am finding odd is that there are ducks everywhere and they don’t play fair. There is only so far I can pull away from my mistress when I am on the lead so I have to play it calmly. I walk quietly by her side so she relaxes her hold and then when she isn’t expecting it I pull as hard as I can in the direction of chasing the ducks. So far they have outwitted me. They sit still until the last minute then waddle a couple of paces and fly off. How am I suppose to catch them like that? I wanted to go into the water after them for some reason that escapes me my mistress didn’t seem to think that following me was such a good idea. If only I could give her the slip.