Saturday 25th March 2006

I am so excited. Now I know this may seem strange but if it was your first time going into a supermarket you might think it exciting too. My mistress is going to the do-it-yourself store later to buy me some more dog food and she has said I can go too. When she was in there the other day there was a person in front of her with a particularly ugly dog that only an owner could love, so she came home and said if that person could take that dog then the next time she went I could go. This means I am going to get to do that old tugging at the coat thing ‘can you buy me this?’ ‘can I have one of those?’ ‘this toy looks great. If you don’t buy me one I am going to cry and make a scene.’ I can be just like all the other children. Oh the joy of the things you can get away with when you are only 19 weeks old. I am going to sniff all the other foods to see if there is one I prefer and be all cute and beg for dog biscuits. I am not sure how I am going to contain my excitement until this afternoon.

The mistress has told me a little bit more about our trip to Switzerland. Apparently we are going in the master’s car so the good news is I won’t get quite so shaken about and we are less likely to get lost as it has a GPS. At least I am not going to have to put my map reading skills to the test again, perhaps the mistress has learnt I rarely stay awake long enough to be of any real use! The other good thing is that there is a dvd player so I am trying to decide which films I want to watch. I wanted to take ‘Wallace and Gromit and the Were Rabbit’ but the mistress says it is a nightmare trying to drive with me trying to chase rabbits behind her. I have to make sure I put my ears up before putting on the headphones else I can’t hear very well and the mistress gets annoyed if I keep asking to stop to get her to sort it out. It is a really long journey, it is a shame James won’t be here for me to play with on the route. ‘I Spy’ is no fun when you play on your own. I just hope the mistress doesn’t try making me get up early to go for a walk first. I can use the journey as an excuse to ask for some sweets when we go shopping this afternoon. I will probably have eaten them before Monday but that’s not the point.