Friday 24th March 2006

The forest is starting to look quite different. The branches seem to be getting thicker and there are odd green bits appearing. It was wonderful yesterday romping through the grass and the leaves, darting in and out of the sunshine. I misjudged my footing and fell into a boggy bit that was brilliant too as I got covered in mud. I bounced round most of the walk and ran round in mad circles to confuse my mistress, but then she seemed to be enjoying it too. It was also strange how much noise there was. I have never heard so many birds singing. Now I know it was a lovely day but do they really think they have that much to sing about? All very odd.

I am really disappointed. I am not going to see my mum and sister on Sunday as I planned. I had had a lovely email from my mum saying I could go and stay whilst my mistress went on her language course but they have had to cancel it because of the master’s work. So now because of his rotten work I can’t go and play with my sister for the week. She said she had buried all her toys in the garden so that I couldn’t play with them but what she doesn’t realise is that I am really good at finding things. I have spent weeks practising ‘finding’ and digging up acorns, her toys would have been a doddle. As a concession my mistress says she will take me for a visit in a couple of weeks.

My mistress went to the vet without me yesterday. On the one hand I am very happy that she didn’t take me and on the other hand in my role as a secret agent, I am concerned that there is a conspiracy going on. She claims that to cheer me up because I can’t go and see my mum and sister she is taking me to see the place in Switzerland where my ancestors came from, the village of Entlebuch. I will believe it when I see it; I think she was just plotting against me with the vet. Do you think this is how paranoia starts? I might try and look in her diary later to see if she has written an appointment down. She did show me the special stamp that the vet has put in my passport and told me that is what I need to get into Switzerland but as I managed to go to the Netherlands last week without one I am a little dubious as to what the difference is for Switzerland. I wonder if I am really going and whether I would be able to go and see my dad?